Buket Özatay centers her work on the perception of photograph as an instance when the heart, the soul and the eyes unite. According to Özatay, the accumulation of years of experience inside the heart and soul of a photographer and the formation of a world view all affect the exact moment when a photograph is taken.

Buket Özatay’s passion for travel came before her passion for photography. So far, she has been to more than 40 countries and was able to take photographs of different faces, colours and all the richness pertaining to human beings and nature wherever she visited.

 Althought, Buket Özatay’s work is largely based on portrait, travel and street photography, she also continues to produce photographs in fields as diverse as graffiti-based installations, images produced through the method of abstraction, pictorial close-ups and documentary compositions. Her manipulation of object, matter and structure as well as shooting techniques reflected in her collages represent an original expression and highlight her abstract and expressive side in her abstract works and installations. She unites objects with subconscious drives and gives them a new form. Özatay’s classic documentary photographs remain loyal to the basics of photography, yet continue to underline the importance of content and composition by sticking to aesthetic concerns.